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Nourish: to sustain with food or nutriment; supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growth.

Nourishment is the pursuit of enrichment and joy. This is essential in equipping ourselves to achieve our day to day ambitions. However, it can be difficult within our busy lives to find time to do it all. This is where I come in. I will help provide you with a sense of ease, by bringing nourishment to you, whether that be on your table or on your mat.


Meet The Chef



Heidi here, the hands behind “Nourished by Heidi.”


My love for cooking and food started in my mom’s kitchen. She raised me by herself and meals together were an important opportunity for us to connect. She always made it special, and I'll tell you what, that woman can cook.


If I wasn’t helping my mom in the kitchen, I was at a friend's house while she worked and went to school. It was a regular occurrence for them to receive a pot of her homemade chicken and dumplings as a thank you. My mom passed her love of feeding people on to me and it stuck.


After studying Raw Cuisine and working as a nanny in Maui, my passion for health, food, and wellness took off. Nourishing myself through food and practicing yoga became a staple in my life. So much so, that I decided to develop my skillset in these passions and went on to complete a Professional Culinary Certification through Rouxbe and a Yoga Teacher Certification through Practice Yoga Austin.


I’ve now spent years working for families and individuals as a personal chef and yoga teacher, developing my recipes and instructing people on their mats. Nothing lights me up more than knowing that people are happily fed, stretched out and nourished.

Cooking Class



Learn new recipes and skills, or just spend time with those that matter.




Nourishing meals created and prepared for you, in your home.

Women Practicing Yoga



Private, group or corporate classes curated for your specific needs.


Heidi is a creative and versatile chef. She is adventuresome in preparing new dishes yet attentive to the palates of her clients. Heidi provides excellent end-to-end service from meal planning to grocery shopping and final preparation of the full meal. 

Stephen Day, ATX

Heidi has been a great cook for our family of six!  She cooks many styles (American, Asian, Spanish, etc.), and she is flexible providing weeknight dinners, as well as holiday dinners, healthy snacks, and breakfast foods.  Heidi does all our meal planning and shopping, and she's excellent with kitchen organization and clean-up.  Her cooking-related work has been invaluable, and Heidi herself is joyful, health-conscious and a good communicator!
Susan Mays, ATX

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