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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Hello everybody! This is a Blog for Nourished by Heidi, where I am excited to share my love for food and life, as well as the ins and outs of what I think about it all. I figured starting off with my journey to becoming a Chef would be a fantastic place to start.... so here it is, in a nutshell.

My early twenties were spent rather seriously. I was trying to gain my footing in the world, gain comfort in my skin and desperately yearning for THE THING. The thing that was "so me," that would light me up, help me focus and give me a sense of purpose. I toiled with understanding myself enough to know what to pursue for a career but more than that... something to identify with. It had to speak to me and move me and it also had to be something that I could offer to the world. Finding it wasn't a huge aha moment, it was gradual, messy, confusing and challenging but the uplifting moments overshadow all of that.

In the warm version it started in the kitchen watching my mom, holidays eating her amazing food, this thing in me that just wanted to feed people and a love for gathering those I cared about together. It filled me up in a way I didn't come to recognize until years later. I had an admiration for the woman in her zone, moving intuitively, cutting, stirring, adding ingredients with a pan sizzling on the stove. Her steady hands knew just what to do and after endless hours spent in the kitchen, she could create something that nourished people. They would remember her meals and think back on her table fondly. Of course life is filled with flavorful and sentimental memories, hopefully yours include time spent around such a table but life also has a darker layer.

In the less warm version of me finding THE THING, I began in a cozy and messy kitchen with a very busy mom, frustrated that I kept ruining dishes with too much cayenne and wasting eggs because they stuck to the pan. There were a few annoyed boyfriends and friends because I took over in the kitchen, plenty of dishes too salty, over done, just plain weird and on a personal note a lot of struggle with my body image. I always strived for and leaned into the romance of my life, connecting challenges with lessons and placing dried flowers on empty shelves but those carefree years that many speak of are not something I’m familiar with. Along with comforting soups, smiling friends and perfecting omelets, there's been a lot of hardship.

In a time of my life where nothing felt certain, navigating emotional abuse from a boyfriend, no family or old friends near, I pushed myself to gain stability, with very little to lean on but I just kept going. It turns out something that I could choose for certain was to pursue a professional culinary certification. It was affordable, a quality education and I felt a YES. I had not stopped cooking for friends and families, it was just my way to give. Fast forward past frantically fulfilling the requirements for my certification while working two jobs, throw in a yoga certification, lots of tasty food, ditch the boyfriend, add two cups of "healing years" and a heaping tablespoon of "budding friendships." I steadily gained the confidence to pursue my passion and I developed my skills. My mind calmed in the kitchen, my hands felt steady and I was in a zone.

When people say they can see my passion for cooking, I have to ask myself if what they see is how I feel. I may be passionate about cooking... I'm not sure. Although I have found confidence, joy and purpose in the kitchen, it's not cooking that drives me, nor fills me up, it's the way my chest swells when people eat the food I've made, as I've made it with love.

To sum up this heartfelt intro to my blog, I would like to say that I've found a footing in my culinary pursuits and it is my career but becoming a chef is still a goal of mine. I humbly step into a kitchen knowing there is an endless amount of room to grow, however, the part that I have accomplished is the archetype of a woman who is in her skin while stirring a pot... only because I think that has always been there.

My hope is that through this blog I can share my favorite dishes, recipes that you will LOVE, helpful cooking tips, mouth watering photos, as well as, introductions to badass people who inspire me and serve it to you in a way that reaches your heart... as is said, “The way to a person's heart is through their stomach.” Buen Provecho!

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